Michelle’s – Downtown Colorado Springs

For over 50 years, the Michopoulos family owned and operated a local landmark confection store called Michelle’s at 122 N. Tejon Street.  For over 50 years, Valentine’s Day and Easter were highlighted with chocolate hearts, ribbon candy, homemade ice cream, chocolate shell eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Easter treats that were so unique to Michelle’s that people would line up outside the door to share in the experience.

It was a happy place, and so popular that they ventured out and expanded into the Citadel Mall (a location that was open for almost 30 years), and into Greenwood Village in Denver, which never really  performed very well.  But the Downtown Colorado Springs location was always popular, always fun. 

After closing their other stores, Andy Michopoulous survived a cold winter in 2006, and was looking forward to getting back on his feet again through strong sales of their specialty products, highlighted with robust sales of Valentine’s and Easter candy in the Spring of 2007.

And then in May of 2007, the IRS showed up . . . locked the doors, seized the business, and Michelle’s was no more.  Three years later, it still sits vacant . . . a now-empty shell that is a reminder of carefree days of taking the grandkids for a treat, date-nights with husband and/or kids, stopping in to pick up a special treat for a treasured friend, a meeting place for colleagues to grab a soda or a leisurely lunch . . . not many times that I pass the store and not give a little sigh of regret at the loss.

About TheMimiFoster

I love what I do and take pride in doing it well. Five times voted Colorado Springs' Best Realtor. I am a fourth generation Real Estate Professional, five daughters, five grands, cherished wife, in love with life.
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