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I love what I do and take pride in doing it well. Five times voted Colorado Springs' Best Realtor. I am a fourth generation Real Estate Professional, five daughters, five grands, cherished wife, in love with life.

What’s In a Name?

For many years, I enjoyed a successful Real Estate career as Mimi Foster.  While I was quite fortunate to marry the wonderful Mr. David Feith, my name then became, “Mimi How-do-you-pronounce-your-last-name?”  After several hundred times of saying, “It’s pronounced ‘Feith … Continue reading

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Bottled Water or Tap?

If you have the privilege of living in Colorado, you know that it is not as much of a decision as it might be in other parts of the country.  Having spent a good part of my youth in Florida, there … Continue reading

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What is a Victorian?

Many people think that “Victorian” refers to a certain architectural style.  It is, in fact, more correctly identified as a period in history from 1837 until 1901 when Queen Victoria reigned in England. Homes built during that time period fall into this category.  … Continue reading

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Does your mother know? – Colorado College Rental

Driving home very late one night, we passed one of our college rentals.  Finding it hard to ignore approximately a hundred college boys standing outside on the lawn looking in the windows, we pulled over and ‘joined the crowd.’  As we … Continue reading

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Latex Bulge – Downtown Colorado Springs

In previewing a tenant-occupied home prior to taking a listing, I entered one of the bedrooms and noticed something that was the shape of a half-basketball protruding from the ceiling above the bed.  Upon closer examination, I discovered that an … Continue reading

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Cash Buyer

When you are a single young mother of five girls and a brand new Realtor, you chase deals where you find them, and often don’t yet have the sense to verify facts.  For three full days I drove a cash … Continue reading

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Squishy Carpet – Colorado College Rental

Being summoned to a college rental because there was an obvious leak that was saturating the carpet and causing it to ‘squish’ when they walked across the living room, we arrived with the necessary equipment to fix the problem.  Turns … Continue reading

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