“I need a mop” – Colorado College Rentals

Throughout our years of being landlords for Colorado College kids, we found that they came in all shapes and descriptions.  One year we rented a 7 bedroom house to a group of 7 graduating seniors, all female.  About the third month into their lease we got a call to let us know that the kitchen floor was dirty.  When I asked, very nicely and gently, what that could possibly have to do with me, I was informed that they didn’t have a mop.  Wasn’t it MY responsibility to supply them with one – AND clean the floor?

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Bong Water – Downtown Colorado Springs

Showing a Buyer a tenant-occupied home one day, we wondered at how someone could live and move around in such a furniture-cluttered home.  As we walked sideways through the living room, we noticed a bong full of water on one of the coffee tables.

Opening a bedroom door, a rather ferocious looking dog did a single-bound leap from his resting position on the bed straight toward me.  As I tried to protect my Client from this ‘beast’ and get the door closed before he reached me, I fell back over the coffee table as my foot got caught in the door.  The bong went straight up in the air, and I was nimble enough to catch it before it could reconnect with table or floor.  As I landed on my back on the table with the bong in my hands, I was very proud that not a drop of water had spilled anywhere.  I, however, ended up being quite bruised.

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Realtors who need a break

It was one of my first deals.  We had finally gotten to the closing table, but I was a relatively new Realtor, and didn’t yet have a lot of confidence in ‘taking control’ of the closing.  I had considered closing in separate closing rooms, but the Buyers and the Sellers got along so well, and it was only the other Realtor who had been the problem from the beginning. 

As we sat at the table, the other Realtor started picking up cookies, one by one, and flinging them into the walls of the closing room.  Shocked, we all looked at him in amazement, not having any idea what he was doing.  Finally he said, “Look, wasn’t it nice of them to provide us with Frisbees?”  Not having any idea how to proceed, my very-experienced closer said, “Martin, did you forget to take your meds this morning?  Why don’t you get up and take a walk for a few minutes?”  We finished our closing while he was out of the room.

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Pot Heads – Downtown Colorado Springs

Although we had a good relationship with our tenants, we were tired of ‘babysitting’ college kids, and decided to sell one of our Colorado College rentals.  After doing a walk-thru and finding an entire forest of pot (including grow lights, aluminum foil, water system, etc.) set up in the living room, I ‘suggested’ that they needed to remove everything from the living area and put it either in the attic or basement.

When rent was not received the following month (for the first time since they had moved in), I knocked on the door and asked if there was a problem.  “Well, it’s your fault, Mimi.  You made us get rid of our only source of income.”

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Dishwasher Malfunction – Colorado College Rental

There’s not much that my husband can’t fix, so when the dishwasher broke at one of the college rentals, it was not a problem for him to go and take care of it.   A few days later, he was called back for the same difficulty, so he tried a different repair since the first one had obviously not been successful.  After four such service calls, we decided that there was evidently something wrong with the dishwasher and replaced it with a new one.

Two days later we got the same call – water and suds pouring out of the dishwasher all over the kitchen floor.  It occurred to me that our ‘best and brightest’ college students are not smart enough to know that Dawn is not designed to be used in automatic dishwashers.

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Beer Stains – Colorado College Rentals

My husband and I used to own rental property that was leased to Colorado College students.  When we purchased our first college rental, we thought there must have been a water leak to have caused the extensive brown ‘water spots’ on the ceiling of the living room.  After purchasing our fifth college rental with the same ‘water spots’ as the previous four, we finally figured out that the ‘water spots’ are the result of what happens at parties when numerous college students shake up bottles of beer and then open them.

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Michelle’s – Downtown Colorado Springs

For over 50 years, the Michopoulos family owned and operated a local landmark confection store called Michelle’s at 122 N. Tejon Street.  For over 50 years, Valentine’s Day and Easter were highlighted with chocolate hearts, ribbon candy, homemade ice cream, chocolate shell eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Easter treats that were so unique to Michelle’s that people would line up outside the door to share in the experience.

It was a happy place, and so popular that they ventured out and expanded into the Citadel Mall (a location that was open for almost 30 years), and into Greenwood Village in Denver, which never really  performed very well.  But the Downtown Colorado Springs location was always popular, always fun. 

After closing their other stores, Andy Michopoulous survived a cold winter in 2006, and was looking forward to getting back on his feet again through strong sales of their specialty products, highlighted with robust sales of Valentine’s and Easter candy in the Spring of 2007.

And then in May of 2007, the IRS showed up . . . locked the doors, seized the business, and Michelle’s was no more.  Three years later, it still sits vacant . . . a now-empty shell that is a reminder of carefree days of taking the grandkids for a treat, date-nights with husband and/or kids, stopping in to pick up a special treat for a treasured friend, a meeting place for colleagues to grab a soda or a leisurely lunch . . . not many times that I pass the store and not give a little sigh of regret at the loss.

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