Uncle Wilber’s GRAND OPENING Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Grand (Delayed) Opening of the downtown Colorado Springs’ water-treat known as Uncle Wilber’s Fountain.  After many failed starts, broken parts, and sundry delays, the official kick-off is tomorrow from 11 am until 2 pm.  There will be vendors, live entertainment, face painting, ice cream, food, and of course the joy of watching the excitement of the children as Uncle Wilber and his pet monkey ‘Spot’ spray water and play the Tuba at half-hour intervals (although, to me, Spot looks more like a Dalmatian).  As always, the fountain is free.

According to the official Uncle Wilber website, there are 52 vertical pop jets, 200 streams of water, fiber optic lights, and a water-themed riddle.  The riddle, however, is only visible if you are brave enough to venture close when Uncle Wilber is playing jazz tunes composed by one of the fountain’s creators, Bob Tudor (nephew to Wilber Fulker, principal of the Colorado Springs Deaf and Blind School from 1958 until 1976, after whom the fountain is named).

“Life begins with love and can be filled with love if you take the initiative to share yours with those you live and work with.” Wilber Fulker


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